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We believe to make the best compressor parts, you have to start with the best materials. Our researchers and engineers invest thousands of hours developing proprietary polymers, packing materials and thermal plastics so they can become the components you rely on to keep your compressor system running.

Related Case Study

Specialized materials and application understanding help solve customer sealing issues.

Our customer was getting short piston and rider ring life of around 3 months in low temp, dry gas, non-lube conditions. After a full review of the conditions, operating procedures and counterface materials, we proposed installing CPI 184 rings and packings and to change to the liner material. This solution was based on our deep understanding of not just our special polymer alloy materials, but the gas and operating conditions, the process, and the chemistry associated with the transfer mechanism between ring materials and counterfaces such as the liner and piston rod, which is vital in non-lube applications.

We installed the CPI 184 rings and a new liner and after 1 year running the ring wear was minimal with projected lifetime of at least 2 years. Since then the customer has changed out 6 cylinders in total to the same specifications of our supplied liners and CPI 184 piston and rider rings.