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High-Speed Midstream Natural Gas Compressor Running 40 Months

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40 Months

Running with No Valve Issues


The original valves on OEM 2 & 3 stage units in a midstream natural gas application were only running 4 to 6 weeks before experiencing higher temperatures and eventual failures. The customer loses $5K-$7K each day in lost gas production and maintenance man hours when the units go down.

1,350 RPM / suction 650 PSI (44 bar) / final discharge 1,200 PSI (82 bar)

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Natural Gas
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CPI Hi-Flo™ Valves and Proper Lubrication Rates Extend Compressor Life

The customer upgraded their valves to CPI Hi-Flo™ valves and significantly reduced the lube rate based on CPI’s lube study and then installed the new Proflo® EOS self-adjusting lubrication pump.

The Proflo® EOS self-adjusting lubrication pump, which monitors the amount of lubrication oil passing through a divider block and adjusts it accordingly based on a user’s setpoint. It also adjusts to maintain the setpoint even when the pump begins to wear.

A month after the trial the upgraded compressor was also compressing more gas than the other two compressors. Over two and a half years later the Hi-Flo™ valves are still running without issues or failures.