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Eliminate Cooling from Packing Case

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252 bar

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This customer wanted to remove the packing cooling due to multiple problems that affected his MTBF.

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Extend Lifetime Increase Efficiency Emissions Control Product Application
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Solution Highlights

CPI 192 material packing was selected for this application and the packing cooling system was removed. The MTBF increased by 49%. CPI removed the cooling system in 31 compressors after this upgrade in this plant.

Upgrading to CPI polymer alloy packing rings:

Eliminates the potential safety risk of gas leakage into the cooling system

Problems with re-cutting O-ring grooves during reconditioning are eliminated

Results in more reliable packing performance and life

Avoids condensation due to the water and gas temperature differential

Saves water – up to 15 l/min (4 gal/min)