CPI Compression

Proflo® Model PF1

The Proflo® PF1 monitoring device provides shutdown protection for your compressor and collects operation data by monitoring the cycle times of the divider block system. If the pump fails or the cycle time of the divider block system slows down or speeds up, the Proflo® PF1 will alert the you by displaying the changed cycle time on the LCD display. If the pump deteriorates, the cycle time will slow down and the Proflo® PF1 will change to alarm state and shut down the compressor, preventing damage to the compressor cylinders, pistons, rods and packing. The system data can be retrieved and analyzed using our Proflo™ USB-IR adaptor and Proflo™ Assist software.


  • Trends and stores divider block system operation to monitor:
    • Oil consumption / over- and under-lubrication
    • Lubricator pump failure
    • Divider block failure
    • Compressor component failure (rings, rods, packing and cylinders)
    • Compressor run time
  • Shuts down compressor when lubrication system fails or begins to deteriorate
  • Adjustable alarm time (20 seconds to 255 seconds)
  • Installs on divider block or in control panel
  • Wireless (IRDA) download of trending information to your computer using the Proflo™ USB-IR Adaptor
  • Field replaceable battery

Proflo® PF1 24V Model:

  • Uses 2 “AA” Lithium batteries* for back-up power to the microprocessor when the control panel is turned off or the power fails
  • Battery life is approximately 24 months

* Use L91 Energizer Lithium “AA” only


  • Aluminum or stainless housing
  • Temperature range -40°F to 185°F
  • Switch rating: 30 VDC - 200 mA max
  • Epoxy: resin labs EP1295
  • Alarm time:
    • 2 minute standard (LED)
    • 3 minute standard (LED)



Lubrication Product Overview


Proflo® PF1 & PF1 24V