CPI Compression

Lubricator Pumps

CPI designs and manufactures a wide range of high quality lubricator pumps for either suction feed or pressurized feed. Some models feature a sight glass for visual verification of operation, and roller rockers have replaced traditional dragging rockers to minimize frictional wear against the cams.


  • One piece steel pump body
  • Precision roller rocker assembly
  • Pyrex sight glass with protective housing
  • Precision internal and outlet check valves
  • Weatherproof construction
  • Furnished as original equipment by engine, pump and compressor manufacturers
  • Three pump types: vacuum, gravity, pressure
  • Three pump sizes: 3/16”, 1/4”, 3/8”
  • Modular cylinder design


Model P55 Lubrication Pump

The CPI Model P55 pump is an updated version of the Premier Model P55 designed to retrofit Premier, Mega, McCord and Lincoln lubricator boxes. Consult CPI for the right pump for your application.

Discontinued Pumps

Need to replace one of the pumps listed below? Utilize CPI’s enhanced P55 pumps by contacting your local CPI representative for a system re-design. Note: a new lubricator gearbox and other modifications may be necessary.

CPI 2012E Pump

Discontinued: July 2019

Designed primarily but not exclusively for the European pump market. Features included heavy duty casting, double ball discharge connector, modular cylinder and suction tube with strainer. Pumps were available in box suction, gravity fed and pressure fed models.

Model 2000 Pumps

Discontinued: 2018

Originally Replaced: Manzel Model 76 and 88 Lubricators

Model 2001 Pumps

Discontinued: July 2019

Originally Replaced: Manzel Model 94V and 100V Lubricators

Model P92 Pumps

Discontinued: April 2019

Originally Replaced: Madison Kipp style pumps: Models DSL, SVH and SVK.

* All trademark names are the property of their respective companies and not associated with CPI



Lubrication Product Overview


Model P55 Lubricator Pumps