CPI Compression
Emissions Control

Packing it in.

Excessive fugitive emissions aren't just bad for the environment. They're bad for your bottom line. We offer products and services specifically designed to help you comply with present and future EPA Clean Air Act regulations.

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Optimize Lubrication

Eliminate over- and under-lubrication

Under-lubrication isn’t the only danger to your compressor operations. Over-lubrication can cost more than you might realize. And when a single drop can mean the difference between ideal lubrication and too much or too little, it pays to get it right.

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Extend Lifetime

Make it last

Using high-quality compressor products can significantly extend maintenance and replacement intervals, reducing costs and downtime. We engineer and manufacture industry-leading compressor parts designed for both performance and longevity.

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Increase Efficiency

Experience peak performance.

Compressors are built to run for years, if not decades, but that doesn't mean they always run at peak efficiency. From automating specific processes, implementing advanced monitoring systems to using the highest quality replacement parts like piston rings and sealing components; we can help your compressor always perform its best.

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Product Application

Expertise in action

Matching the right materials to each application is crucial to equipment longevity and performance. By putting our expertise in engineering and materials development to work for you, we are able to provide the right parts for your system's unique operating condition. It's how we help ensure you don’t just get the right part - you get a part you can count on.

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Total Compressor Care

Streamline your operation

Using different suppliers for all of your compressor needs can lead to increased costs, inefficiencies and longer downtime. So we offer complete compressor care to help make sure all of your compressor components are working as they should.

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