CPI Compression

CPI Introduces the Proflo® EOS Self-Adjusting Lubrication Pump


  • Optimizes amount of oil injected into the compressor to prevent over- or under-lubrication
  • Receives feedback from Proflo® PF1, Proflo® Jr or proximity switch

STAFFORD, Texas (September 26, 2018) — Compressor Products International (CPI), an industry-leading manufacturer of precision engineered components for reciprocating compressors, has announced the launch of the Proflo® EOS self-adjusting lubrication pump. The launch of the Proflo® EOS is CPI’s latest innovation to equip compressors for peak performance and longevity.

The Proflo® EOS constantly monitors its corresponding compressor to ensure that it’s receiving the right amount of oil lubrication. It will even account for pump wear, and once the output starts to decrease, the EOS will adjust to increase the flow to maintain the desired set-point. This results in lubrication savings and longer compressor life.

This automatic monitoring becomes especially valuable when the compressor resides in a hazardous or inconvenient location. It this instance, it increases the safety of employees and technicians, and it reduces costly compressor downtime.

Other key features of the Proflo® EOS include:

· Durable, stainless steel construction

· Ability to operate in a wide range of temperatures, from -40° F to 185° F

· Compatibility with 3/16”, 1/4” and 3/8” pump sizes

· Single speed and variable speed modes

“The Proflo EOS embodies our mission at CPI, to help compressors achieve their peak potential,” said Robert Spadt, channel sales manager, distribution & OEM for CPI. “It delivers value and efficiency, but we’re especially proud of the peace of mind that it gives our hardworking customers."

About CPI

CPI, a Howden company, is an industry-leading manufacturer of precision-engineered components for reciprocating compressors used in petrochemical, refining, natural gas, and offshore industries. The CPI product range includes packing, piston and rider rings and a complete line of compressor valves designed to provide each customer with maximum performance and reliability for their application. In addition, CPI offers the highest quality lubrication system technology for further compressor efficiency and protection. CPI headquarters is located in Houston, Texas, with additional manufacturing, service and stocking facilities located throughout the world.

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