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CPI and Windrock Announce a Commercial Partnership Creating a new Integrity Management Solution for Reciprocating Compressors

The two companies have created a comprehensive joint offering for reciprocating compressors

HOUSTON (September 17, 2019) — CPI and Windrock, Inc. announced today a new commercial partnership that helps increase the safety, operating efficiency, and effectiveness of reciprocating compressors.

By combining the expertise, technology, and global service presence of both companies, the partnership seeks to bring unprecedented value to owners and operators of reciprocating compressors by lowering total operating cost through complete asset integrity management, and increased productive uptime. The collaboration combines predictive and early detection analytic technologies with intelligent operational changes designed to deliver the following benefits:

  • Lower cost of consumables
  • Reduced incidents of unplanned downtime
  • Reduced negative environmental impact
  • Improved overall reliability and efficiency

"This joint offering delivers the entire solution package from analytics to repairs, completing the full value circle under a single umbrella,” said Bill Favenesi, president of CPI.

Ali Raza, president and general manager of Windrock, added, “Our analytics and insights drive operational improvements in reciprocating equipment for our customers. By combining our efforts with CPI, we enhance the benefits Windrock products and services deliver."

Windrock is the world’s leading provider of reciprocating machinery analytics systems, including Spotlight, the first true Industrial Internet of Things (“IIoT”) platform that integrates artificial intelligence and subject matter expertise to predict and prevent catastrophic failures, as well as decrease machine inefficiency. CPI provides reliable, high quality products, and expertise in problem solving and customized solutions. Their responsiveness, global footprint, and wide range of products and services allow them to partner with customers to help reduce emissions and lower operating cost.

About CPI

CPI, a Howden company, is an industry-leading manufacturer of precision engineered components for reciprocating compressors used in petrochemical, refining, natural gas, and offshore industries. The CPI product range includes packing, piston and rider rings and a complete line of compressor valves designed to provide each customer with maximum performance and reliability for their application. In addition, CPI offers the highest quality lubrication system technology for further compressor efficiency and protection. CPI headquarters is located in Houston, Texas, with additional manufacturing, service and stocking facilities located throughout the world. For more information please visit www.cpicompression.com.

About Windrock

Windrock is a leading provider of productivity and asset integrity management tools. Windrock’s unified hardware and software platform, Spotlight, enables Industrial Internet of Things to drive predictive analytics and operational excellence for the company’s customers. For more information please visit www.windrock.com