CPI Compression

Reconditioning Services

We are able to restore compressor parts to their original specifications in most cases. And with a network of global locations and expertly trained technicians, we can respond quickly to your needs, wherever you are in the world.

Compressor Valves, Unloaders and Actuators

First, we do an initial assessment to identify the work necessary to restore your assembly. From there, we then get started:

  • Machining valve seats and guards
  • Replacing internal components such as rings, buttons and springs, actuator stems and diaphragms
  • Doing assembly, testing, quality inspection, and protective packaging

During the process, our team will identify the root causes of any problems, allowing us to redesign or upgrade components as appropriate.

Packing Cases

Packing cases are also thoroughly examined and analyzed before reconditioning is carried out. The process includes:

  • Cleaning
  • Bead blasting
  • Machining and lapping of cups
  • Reassembly, quality inspection and protective packaging

Piston and Piston Rods

All pistons and rods are inspected to determine the optimal reconditioning process. This includes:

  • Machining
  • Grinding
  • Polishing
  • Thread rolling
  • Wear-resistant hardening and spray coatings applied for specific application requirements

Depending on the analysis, piston reconditioning may include re-machining of grooves, steels insertion and re-anodizing. CPI completes the process with reassembly and installation of piston rings, rider rings or rider bands if required