CPI Compression

PUMPGUARD Materials for Pump Wear Parts

Designed for pump bushing wear rings, guide bushings and thrust washers in liquid pumps

CPI PUMPGUARD™ materials for pump wear parts are proprietary polymer alloys for use in in-line shaft bearings, impeller wear rings, thrust washers on vertical pumps, barrel pumps, API bearings on Archimedes screws and horizontal pumps.

The CPI materials are intended to reduce diametral clearance on pump wear parts without the risk of damage to metal components. The properties of these materials are designed to help avoid catastrophic pump failures caused by dry-run start up or excessive vibration.

PUMPGUARD materials have a low coefficient of thermal expansion and provide excellent resistance to chemical attack as well as protection against impacts, thermal shocks, and hydrolysis. Applications using these materials significantly increase hydraulics, improving pump performance with reduction in energy consumption and reduced wear, which is reflected in maintenance and operating costs.



  • Good machinability with no special treatment required
  • Non-galling and non-seizing properties
  • Low coefficient of friction ensuring long running life
  • Reduced running clearances minimizes recirculation
  • Excellent quality to absorb shock and vibration


For a full list of specifications please see the back page of our CPI PUMPGUARD™ Materials for Pump Wear Parts brochure.



CPI Pumpguard™ 182 MDS


Pumpguard™ Materials for Pump Wear Parts