CPI Compression

Lower Total Operating Cost of Your Reciprocating Compressor

A Partnership That Solves Real Problems

Condition monitoring, AI-driven predictive failure analysis, engineered solutions, and high-quality parts and service in one comprehensive package.

By combining the expertise, technology, and global service presence of both CPI and Windrock, an Apergy company, the partnership brings unprecedented value to owners and operators of reciprocating compressors, lowering total operating cost and increasing productive uptime. The collaboration achieves this by combining predictive and early detection analytic technologies with intelligent operational changes that deliver the following benefits:

  • More uptime
  • Lower cost of consumables
  • Reduced incidents of unplanned downtime
  • Reduced negative environmental impact
  • Improved overall reliability and efficiency

For more information regarding the partnership between CPI and Windrock and how that can lower your compressor operating cost, view our webinar here.


  • Replace valves only when you actually have to
  • Install the right consumables for your application
  • Reduce lubrication costs and extend life of valve and wear products
  • Get early warning of impending failures for faster repairs
  • Extend time between scheduled outages with asset integrity information
  • Mitigates environmental impact by reducing failures and emissions



Apergy CPI Partnership Windrock


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