CPI Compression

Purge Gun

Although lubrication systems can eventually self-purge, this severely delays purging air from the total lubrication system and can result in phantom shutdowns, alarms or component failure. Our purge gun provides a convenient, cost effective method to remove all air from the divider block system to ensure all lubrication points will receive lubrication immediately on start-up of the compressor.


  • Heavy-duty cast aluminum alloy pump head
  • Precision fit, hardened plunger develops 5,000 PSI
  • Chrome plated steel reservoir
  • Visual level indication eliminates injecting air into the divider block system
  • 36” stainless steel braided hose with all tubing connection for long reach applications
  • Efficient way to troubleshoot the block system to locate blockage in divider blocks, tubing lines and cylinder/packing injection points
  • Delivers full pressure at a minimum stroke for ease of use in tight quarters


  • Made using heavy-duty cast aluminum and steel
  • 5,000 psi stainless steel liquid filled pressure gauge



Lubrication Product Overview


Purge Gun