CPI Compression

POPR®– Pop Open Pressure Relief Valve

Our POPR®, pop open pressure relief, is designed to stop atmospheric rupture assemblies from being automatically activated when the divider block system over pressures. The POPR® snaps open and diverts the oil to the lubricator reservoir, a closed container, the lubrication pump oil supply line or back to the compressor frame. The POPR® unit remains in open position until reset with a simple snap-to-close action by a compressor technician - no need to replace a ruptured disc again.


  • Eliminates oil spills caused by blown rupture disc
  • Protects operator from possible injury by high pressure oil squirting from blown rupture disc
  • Opens at specific set pressure to protect compressor from damage
  • Remains in open position until reset by operator with a simple push on the top of the assembly


  • Inlet Thread: 1/8” NPT (Male)
  • Outlet Thread: 1/4” tube fitting
  • Made from stainless steel



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