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Packing Ring

CPI’s EMISSIONGUARD™ TR² packing ring is the only ring design that multiplies the benefits of a tangent to rod ring and a step tangent ring by combining the two rings into one, providing a more efficient seal, reduced friction and extended lifetime.


  • Radial load is shared between the inner and outer rings as the compressive gas force squeezes the outer tangent to rod ring resulting in:
    • Improved sealing performance
    • Lower friction
    • Reduced heat generation
    • Longer running life
  • Increased end gaps of the step tangent ring compared to a conventional ring without the risk of breakage of the thin tangent sections, due to the ring being held captive inside the outer tangent to rod ring
  • Outer tangent to rod ring covers the end gaps of the inner step tangent ring, effectively removing the leak path of the inner step tangent ring gaps
  • Controlled tests have shown the sealing performance to improve by at least 25% compared to conventional rings
  • Double or single acting by use of face slots
  • Unique milled stop design eliminating pin breakage issues
  • Provides easy installation on the rod
  • No re-machining is necessary


  • Suitable for all rod diameters and all gasses
  • Available in mixed materials where the outer tangent to rod ring acts as an anti-extrusion ring
    • Suitable for packing case designs with narrower seal grooves where axial length is limited
    • Depending on operating conditions it may be possible to avoid an additional anti-extrusion ring



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Emissionguard™ TR² Packing Ring

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