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Minimize buffer gas consumption with CPI’s EMISSIONGUARD™ purge panels. Each panel helps control and monitor inert gas, such as nitrogen, into the packing assemblies of a reciprocating compressor, while also tracking the vent pressure and vent flow rate. A single panel can serve between one to four packing cases and are available for all gases including corrosive and flammable gases. EMISSIONGUARD™ also enables condition-based maintenance, reduces unplanned down time, and satisfies environmental regulations.

To ensure optimal performance and risk mitigations, CPI has selected premium materials and components to create a durable purge panel system that complies with industry legislative standards. ATEX registered, and API 618 compliant, the EMISSIONGUARD™ purge panel can function autonomously without electrical components and contains an automatic control valve to maintain buffer gas pressure at least one bar higher than the vent pressure.

For customized solutions, contact your regional CPI representative.


  • Stainless steel fittings, block valves, and non-return valves
  • Fully enclosed powder coated cabinet to IP66 IK10 – RAL7035
  • Operates with buffer gas supply pressures up to 7 bar
    • For higher pressures, an additional pressure reducer is required
  • Glycerin-filled pressure gauges, constructed from stainless steel, are available in ranges of 0-6 bar
  • Automatic control valve is compact and easy to use and comes equipped with an integrated overpressure system
  • Buffer gas line flowmeters consist of a full-view sight glass, aluminum body, and stainless steel fittings
  • Use of magnetic indicator gas flowmeter provides good visibility, even with dirty gas in the vent line


  • Dimensions from 210 x 300 x 400 mm to 300 x 600 x 800 mm*
  • Supply connections in 6, 8 or 10 mm
  • Additional pressure reducer
  • Buffer gas inlet filter
  • By-pass line
  • ATEX certified external flowmeter installed in the vent line for remote 4-20mA monitoring

*dependent on configuration



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