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Expandable Static Seal

The CPI EMISSIONGUARD™ ES³ expandable static seal is the first seal designed for optimum sealing when your compressor is not running and remains pressurized.

Pneumatic seals are the easiest, safest and most effective technique to statically seal parts that are separated by clearance. Existing static sealing system designs are known to be problematic and unreliable due to the tight clearances and the larger space requirement can be challenging for installation.

CPI’s EMISSIONGUARD ES³ seal solves both of these issues by using proven advanced elastomer technology seals which are expanded and retracted by a pneumatic process. This allows the correct working clearance around the piston rod when the compressor is running and an expanded reliable seal on the piston rod while the compressor stopped.

CPI can supply a full control system which can interlock with the compressor controls to activate and deactivate the ES³ static seal only when the compressor is stopped.

Use with CPI’s EMISSIONGUARD TR² packing rings for the optimal combination of sealing performance when the compressor is running and when it is stopped.



  • EMISSIONGUARD ES³ seals are pneumatically actuated to create a zero leakage seal when the compressor is shut down. Prior to start-up the seal retracts to allow working clearance around the piston rod.
  • Durable stainless steel ring housing
  • Compact design allows it to fit with minimal modifications to the packing case


Technical Specifications

  • Pressure Rating: 1 Bar to 70 Bar*

*Depending on pressure vs diametral clearance



Emissionguard ES³ LTR Howden.pdf


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