CPI Compression

Indicator Ported Valve

Indicator Ported Valves (IPV) are designed to allow performance analysis and routine diagnostic testing of compressor cylinders that do not have drilled and tapped indicator ports. By mounting the indicator valve to the end of the IPV then connecting an external pressure transducer, cylinders that previously could not be monitored can now be analyzed.


  • The IPV fits existing valve ports, eliminating expensive cylinder disassembly, machining and hydro testing
  • Provides access to the internal cylinder pressure to monitor part performance and horsepower
  • Routine diagnostic testing with the IPV enhances reliability to extend mean time between failures
  • Unique IPV tube seal allows for misalignment and prevents bending of the IPV stud
  • O-ring seals to eliminate leakage paths


  • New fully machined alloy steel cover and seal assembly



Compressor Valves Overview

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Indicator Ported Valves

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