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Proud to keep the PET industry running.

Our deep knowledge of compressors allows us to provide the PET industry with outstanding service and value. In addition, our comprehensive stock of aftermarket PET compressor parts help us to supply the right part quickly so downtime is kept to a minimum. All products are manufactured to exacting specifications which meet or exceed those set by the OEM. CPI also offers specialty “extended life” wear materials designed specifically for use in the non-lubricated high pressure air compressors used in PET bottle blowing. These materials have been proven extend the run time on piston, rider and packing rings by more than double. This means a typical 4,000 hour pm cycle can now be extended to 8,000 hours.

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Packing Rings & Wiper Rings

Using a wide range of metallic and non-metallic materials and a variety of designs we offer a large selection of packing rings designed for unidirectional and bidirectional sealing, low-pressure vent and gas purge sealing. We design each and every one of our wiper rings to provide a tight seal that works to keep lubricants where they belong – within the crankcase. In doing so, we can help keep your compressor running longer and more efficiently.


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