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Separating air into nitrogen, oxygen, argon and rare inert gases is essential to many of the modern oil and gas production methods, and ensuring those gases are available when and where they’re needed is critical to success in this competitive industry. Our compressor products are engineered to deliver exceptional reliability and chemical resistance, including lead-free options and products for oxygen service, to help ensure your customers’ production is never separated from your air separation.

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Compressor Valves

All of our compressor valves are custom designed to meet your specific application needs. These designs include concentric ring, ported plate, poppet and channel type. In addition, our suction and discharge valves can be ordered with our Indicator Ported Valve design. The valves can also be fitted with a range of plug and finger unloaders and actuators. And since our valves are designed, manufactured and reconditioned in our own facilities you can feel confident that each part is backed by our commitment to quality.


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