Building On a Legacy

With roots dating back to 1897, CPI has grown tremendously, acquiring new technologies and services to better meet the global needs of today's reciprocating compressor operators.


France Compressor Products

Founded in 1897, France Compressor Products (FCP) emerged as an industry leader in the late 1920's, when E.A. France, son of the founder, saw a trending need for compressor packing that would withstand higher speeds, pressures, temperatures and chemical reactions.

Realizing that inferior materials would inhibit engine and compressor development, E.A. France spurred the exploration of non-traditional, non-metallic packing materials. From the introduction of Bakelite as a packing material for sour gas applications to the development of a novel process for combining carbon and Bakelite for non-lubricated corrosive gas uses, FCP was always on the cutting edge of compressor technology, including the introduction of filled PTFE materials to the industry.



Allwest Compressor Services was purchased for products, capabilities and their strong leadership in the natural gas and oil production markets of Western Canada.

Southwest Compressor Services

The acquisition of Southwest added to France Compressor Products' manufacturing and reconditioning services for the natural gas markets.

H.A.R. Compressor Products

H.A.R. Compressor Products added the production of injection molded valve components to France Compressor Products' offerings.



France Compressor Products purchased Compressor Products International (CPI) and adopted the name Compressor Products International to better align the brand with the business.

The purchase of CPI helped gain market share and expand global reach, along with adding materials expertise and valve capabilities.


France Compressor Products purchased Texflo for the company's patented five-alloy plasma rod spray coating, sleeving expertise and state-of-the-art facilities.



CPI's acquisition of Horizon Compressor Services added a wide range of production capabilities, manufacturing facilities and existing customers in the high speed natural gas and refinery markets.

Horizon specialized in reconditioning services and the manufacture of valve components, packing case flanges, packing cups and many other compressor parts.

Navitas / Valvealert

The acquisition of Navitas enhanced CPI's product offering with the Valvealert monitoring device.


CPI's acquisition of RAM Air allowed expansion into the PET bottle blowing market and expanded field service capabilities.


USA Parts & Service

The acquisition of USA Parts added compressor and engine electronics, filters and spark plugs, gauges, field supplies and stainless steel tubing and fittings to CPI's product catalog, along with service center locations.

Player & Cornish

Player & Cornish specialized in components for the PET bottling industry, including larger items such as cylinders, crankcases and crossheads that were not common to CPI's existing offerings.


Premier Lubrication &
Progressive Equipment

The purchase of Premier Lubrication and Progressive Equipment provided CPI with expertise and technology on the lubrication side of compressors, which greatly impact the service life of components previously supplied by CPI. The acquisition also helped CPI expand from the petrochemical market into natural gas.

CC Technology

CPI acquired CC Technology for its Neomag, POPRTM, Proflo® PF1, Proflo® Jr, XDC and CVP products and technologies.



The acquisition of Mid-Western enhanced CPI's market position in Western Canada and added new products and capabilities.

Compressor Sales and Service

CPI's acquisition of Compressor Sales & Service provided CPI with local service support, engineering capabilities, compressor overhaul and component reconditioning and supply, as well as a variety of other shop and field services.

It also strengthened its position in Southeast Asia to better serve the expanding customer base in this geographic market.


Arrow S Mfg.

The acquisition of Arrow S Mfg. bolstered CPI's service offerings, including the re-lining of compressor cylinders. The acquisition also allowed CPI to bring piston and rod work in-house.