In addition to the manufacture and supply of components, CPI is committed to keeping compressors performing and maximizing operational availability. With this understanding and focus, CPI believes the supply of replacement parts is critical in achieving this.

CPI Service is a rich resource for many compressor spare parts and also has specific facilities supplying parts for many of the markets we serve, especially the natural gas market. Experienced technicians will help select the right product, provide installation assistance and advice on upgrades, monitoring or compression processes.

Inventory of replacement components:

  • extensive stock in each location to meet operators’ needs 
  • full line of parts to support operators as a “one stop shop”
  • database to provide instant, up-to-date information on location and availability
  • rapid delivery to ensure minimal downtime
  • same-day service available for numerous parts
  • custom sealing components manufactured accurately and efficiently

The strategically located network of CPI Service centers provides easy access to operators for a wide spectrum of compressor services such as:

  • reconditioning 
  • repair services
  • replacement parts resource
  • field services
  • component manufacturing
  • specialist support and technical services
  • troubleshooting and proven problem solving solutions