CPI manufactures to the highest quality standards a full range of pistons and piston rods in stainless or alloy steels, aluminum and cast iron, for a broad range of applications and operating conditions. Experienced technical knowledge of compressor design and operation ensures that the optimum materials, surface treatments and sealing components are selected for each application. FEA analysis is used to ensure the design meets all of the highest CPI engineered standards to guarantee product integrity and quality. 

Piston and Rod Reconditioning

All pistons and rods are inspected to assess how to proceed with reconditioning and to ensure their suitability for re-use. Piston reconditioning may include re-machining of grooves and re-anodizing. Rod reconditioning may include machining, grinding, polishing and the application of specialized spray coatings. Finally, all parts are re-assembled including CPI piston and rider rings. 

  • Piston manufacturing 
  • Piston rod manufacturing
  • Specialized thermal spray and plasma coatings 
  • Rolled or cut threads
  • Piston and rod repair and reconditioning
  • Manufacturing of piston and rider rings
  • Tungsten carbide coating and five alloy coating available