At CPI we recognize that the specialized compressors used in the LDPE (low-density polyethylene) industry are highly evolved machines. CPI is responsive to the needs of this area of operation, having considerable experience in the design and manufacture of these specialized products to a high standard of quality, precision and with the use of appropriate materials for hyper packings, guide bushes, poppets, cups and plungers. In conjunction with users, we have been successfully involved in the development and installation of specialized designs for many specific applications. As part of these collaborations, we offer an option to manufacture parts using customers’ own unique designs and specific materials. 

Hyper Compressors

Quality Assurance

CPI operates a quality assurance system throughout all of its manufacturing plants which conforms with ISO9001.This discipline is rigorously applied to all hyper products recognizing the critical task which they must perform in service. To achieve this high standard of quality, CPI undertakes certain minimum procedures for all hyper products, including:

  • Careful selection of raw materials, with supplier audits
  • Chemical and mechanical certification of all raw material with full traceability
  • Ultrasonic inspection of all raw materials for any internal defects
  • Appropriate heat treatments and stress relieving to achieve specified tensile strength range and freedom from residual stresses
  • Precise finish lapping to size and surface finish tolerances
  • Magnetic particle inspection of the finished surfaces, where applicable
  • Surface hardness and 100% finish inspection
  • Full inspection report including documentary certification for all heat treatments and N.D.T. inspections.