Compressor Valves

Redesigned to meet the full range of application requirements. These designs include Hi-Flo™, radiused disc, concentric ring, dampened disc, ported plate and poppet. CPI valves can also be fitted with a range of plug and finger type unloading systems and actuators.

Packings and Oil Wipers

Combines a wide range of metallic and CPI non-metallic materials and a variety of designs to meet many typical packing requirements and also more specific and problematic ones.

Packing Cases

Are ‘tailor-made’ and manufactured in various materials. Additionally, specialized designs for more specific applications can be supplied, including gas purge for reduction of fugitive emissions in toxic or hazardous gas applications.

Piston Rings, Rider Rings and Rider Bands

Meet the varied sealing and piston support requirements for the vast majority of reciprocating compressors, using a range of CPI Special Polymer Alloys, standard and special materials.

Pistons and Piston Rods

Are manufactured to the highest quality standards. A full range of pistons and piston rods in stainless or alloy steels, aluminum and cast iron, for a broad range of applications and operating conditions are available.

Replacement Parts

CPI is committed to keeping customer’s compressors performing as reliably and efficiently as possible. To achieve this, a rich resource of replacement parts is critical and available from CPI’s strategically located worldwide operations, providing operators with the spare parts they need - when it matters...where it matters.

Reconditioning Services

For valves, unloaders and actuators, packing cases, piston and piston rods, available from CPI are of exceptional quality and precision, restoring all types and makes of compressor parts to their original specifications. CPI also reconditions many other major compressor components such as cylinders and engine blocks.