Compressor Lubrication Systems


The CPI offers the highest quality compressor lubrication systems available in the industry today. Our experience, commitment to excellence and innovative products, has earned us the reputation as an industry leader for introducing the latest technology and expertise in compressor lubrication. 

Our Engineers and Technicians make it their responsibility to work closely with customers to ensure that the lubrication systems we provide are designed, assembled, tested and shipped to meet each customers specifications

CPI designs divider block systems for all compressors in the industry, utilizing our extensive field and design application experience. Systems are designed to reflect operating temperatures, pressures and gas stream components.

CPI's SAFEGUARD™ 5000 Lubrication System 

The CPI SAFEGUARD™ 5000 Lubrication System Console has been designed as a standalone lubrication console for hazardous locations and all types of industrial machinery including reciprocating compressors and reciprocating pumps.
The SAFEGUARD™ 5000 lubrication system console is designed to work with CPI’s extensive line of divider blocks and Lubrication System Accessories to provide precise lubrication to your machinery.

Learn more about the customizable CPI SAFEGUARD™ 5000 lubrication system console here