Lubrication Boxes

CPI manufactures hundreds of different sizes, ratios and mounting configurations designed to fit your old or new engine, pump or compressor.

CPI Lubricatiors

CPI Lubricators will accurately deliver a predetermined quantity of oil normally under pressure, at regular intervals to moving parts on all types of industrial machinery. The lubricator consists of a reservoir, drive mechanism, and oil pumps. They are furnished in electric motor drive or shaft driven from the machinery to be lubricated. Shaft driven units can be direct drive, pulley/sheave, or oscillating drive motion.

Applications may include engines, pumps, compressors, natural gas compressors, machine tools, printing presses, steel mills, pulp & paper mills, spindles, textile machinery, tap/die lubrication, lumber mills, transfer presses, mobile equipment, mining, and woodworking.

CPI Lubricatiors

Lubricator Features:

  • Force feed lubricators
  • Heavy duty steel reservoirs
  • All gear rotary drives
  • Electric motor drives
  • Ratchet drives
  • Bottom rotary drives
  • Suitable for use with petroleum and synthetic based lubricants.
  • Automatic oil level controllers
  • Level switches
  • Electric heater and thermostat assemblies
  • Shaft rotation alarms
  • Partitions in reservoir for two or more lubricants
  • Check valves available in carbon steel and stainless steel

CPI provides replacement parts for competitive brand lubricators and pumps OEM and replacement Lube Boxes and Pumps to Retrofit*

Ariel, Trabon, Graco, Lubriquip, Manzel, Ajax, Lincoln, Premier, Progressive, Chicago Pneumatic, Energy Industries, Ingersoll Rand, Cooper Axis, Dresser-Rand, Gemini, White Superior,Worthington Cub, Cooper Bessemer, Clark, Coulthard

* All trademark names are the property of their respective companies and not associated with CPI

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CPI Lubrication Boxes