Ring Valves

Ring Valves

CPI designs valve solutions for operators in refinery, petro chemical, process, gas lift, gas injection and industrial air industries. CPI compression engineers utilize sophisticated proprietary valve dynamics programs to carry out valve performance modeling and analysis of existing operations, in order to accurately select the optimum valve design solution for a specific application. This is combined with R&D programs that are focused on all aspects of valve design detail, materials, reliability, efficiency, ease of installation and maintenance.

CPI ring type valves are manufactured to the highest quality, using either metallic and non-metallic ring components for compressors operating in a range of differing applications, both lubricated and non-lubricated. Achieving the optimum performance and reliability are key to most operators and CPI ring valves can deliver across the broad spectrum of applications and operating conditions required.

CPI Ring Valves:

  • Hi-Flo
  • Radiused Disc

Typical ring type valve features and benefits:

  • the valve dynamics of geometry optimizes flow and efficiency in operation
  • seats and guards manufactured from a variety of metallic materials suitable for a broad range of applications
  •  integral guides are incorporated into guard design, enabling effective ring sealing
  • CPI materials technology employed into nonmetallic ring components
  • non-metallic materials provide excellent chemical resistance, high temperature tolerances and strong impact capabilities, in a wide variety of applications
  • springs and button materials specifically selected for efficient performance in specific applications