Hi-Flo™ RS Valve (Replaceable Seat Plate Valve)

The CPI Engineering Department has produced a design which incorporates a replaceable metal or peek seat plate within the existing radiused disc valve. This concept can also be applied to CPI Hi-Flo™ valves and easily used at compressor operations for maintenance.This concept was conceived to satisfy specific customer demands who were successfully operating compressors using CPI radiused disc valves installed in off shore production platforms, FPSOs and facilities where no maintenance workshops are available.The remoteness of compressors in these operating environments, the need for specialist skills and equipment to overhaul them in remote operations or when reconditioning was necessary were no longer issues when operators used the Replaceable Seat Plate Valve.  

CPI Replaceable Seat Plate


•CPI valve reconditioning can be carried out on the platform or FPSO
• No special tools, presses or equipment are necessary
• No re-machining is necessary
• No reduction in valve seat thickness, consequently on suction valve reconditioning, no adjustment is necessary if unloader forks are fitted
• No spare valve inventory is necessary