Indicator Ported Valve

The CPI Indicator Ported Valve (IPV) allows performance analysis of compressor cylinders that do not have tapped indicator ports. The IPV does this by providing a connection to the internal cylinder pressure through the center of the valve stud. An indicator valve is then mounted on the end of the IPV for connecting an external pressure transducer. This allows cylinders that previously were not able to be monitored to be analyzed after a standard valve change out.

The CPI IPV is available with any new CPI valve including Hi-Flo™, RD valve, ring, poppet, or plate style or can be retrofitted to existing valves. Only one IPV is required per active cylinder end and they can be designed for either suction or discharge valves. They can also be incorporated into valve; cover, jack bolt, and gasket upgrade projects.

CPI Indicator Ported Valve

  • The CPI IPV fits existing valve ports eliminating expensive cylinder disassembly, machining and hydro testing
  • Provides access to the internal cylinder pressure to monitor part performance and horsepower
  • Routine diagnostic testing with the CPI IPV enhances reliability to extend mean time between failures