Safety Culture

CPI's Safety Culture CPI’s culture of safety places a relentless focus on creating a healthy work environment. Our health and safety goal is clear — to have the world's safest employees. All employees sign a pledge to help achieve this objective. We believe every accident can be prevented, and our safety framework is designed to eliminate all incidents associated with CPI activities, products and services.

We align our organization to achieve this goal through leadership commitment and by following a well-defined, proactive safety process. Training and education programs and ongoing process improvement help ensure full engagement of our workforce in our safety goals. Safety must be present in every aspect of our product life cycle: from the suppliers with whom we partner, to the employees who build and distribute our products.

Educating and Training Our Team

CPI's Education and Training

At CPI, "learning & development" is not just another corporate catch phrase. Instead, it is an engrained element of our culture and a foundation on which we build our business and enlarge our capabilities. 

Because we can reach our goals for excellence and growth only with the support of our employees, we encourage them to learn and to develop their business skills and professional talents by taking advantage of the opportunities available to them, whether they come through our educational assistance program, industry courses and classes, CPI's learning library, or one of our many leadership development programs. It is our philosophy to hire and retain highly motivated employees, and provide them with a vehicle that will enable them to continue to grow.

Environmental Commitment

CPI's Environmental Commitment

Across our global operations CPI demonstrates its commitment to environmental sustainability by applying our strongest engineering capabilities to the challenges of eliminating waste, conserving resources and reducing environmental impacts. The same spirit of innovation and continuous improvement that creates our leading-edge products is similarly directed towards achieving our goals of operating more sustainably.

As part of an Enpro company, these efforts have resulted in notable accomplishments. Among them: two of Enpro's businesses have achieved zero percent landfill status — producing less waste than a typical family household. Another EnPro facility is cooled entirely using lake water. 

A commitment to sustainability is deeply embedded in our operations. Environmental management systems throughout our businesses are structured to measure our performance and seek continuous improvement. Although we have made great progress in sustainably operations, more opportunities remain, and our talented teams are committed to that task.

Corporate Governance

No other commitment is more important than our commitment to ethical behavior and sound corporate governance. These principles are our most important asset as we seek the trust of our investors, customers, employees and the communities where we operate.

Stephen E. Macadam
EnPro President and Chief Executive Officer

EnPro's Corporate Governance

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